Tommy Lyons is fifth vessel to date delivered by RDM for Sealink Vessels and built to operate in the Darwin and the Northern Territory region of Australia.

The vessel is configured to accommodate 151 seated passengers with 35 on the aft outside deck and the balance in the air conditioned main and upper deck cabins. To meet the demanding schedule, where some days the vessel will do in excess of 30 trips across Darwin Harbour, the vessel has been set up as a little ship with dual Zenith 40 kVa gensets providing redundant three phase AC power to most ships systems. Propulsion is from two Yanmar HYM-WET 650hp marine diesels through Yanmar gearboxes and Veem propellers offering a service speed of up to 25 knots. The central and dual wing controls are by ZF.


There is a compact bar on the main deck, with large screen televisions in both interior cabins. for entertainment and the display of safety videos.

For a vessel with a length of just 21 metres, Tommy Lyons offers remarkably spacious and comfortable accommodation. The five outdoor units for the air conditioning are located down the centreline on the roof and cleverly disguised behind a faux funnel which is a framed vinyl mesh, offering plenty of air flow around the units.

The underwater parts of the hulls have been painted using Hempel Paints latest silicone based antifouling, with the rest of the vessel coated with a robust Hempel Paints polyurethane paint system.

With considerable diligence from Sealink masters and the experienced RDM team the wheelhouse layout is practical and ergonomic with all instrumentation and controls laid with practicality and seamanship in mind.

To experience Tommy Lyons first hand, just visit Darwin and hop on board for a commute across the harbour, a lunch time harbour scenic tour or an offshore voyage to the Tiwi Islands.

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